Primark is opening its biggest ever shop in just six weeks’ time

Primark fans – rejoice! The budget clothing brand is opening it’s biggest ever shop in just six weeks’ time. The five-storey building will be located in Birmingham city centre, and will employ nearly 1,000 people. Yes, it’s going to be that huge.

The megastore is a massive 160,100 square foot and has its own beauty salon where customers can get their nails done, brows plucked, trial pretty lashes and have a full-blown makeover. (Picture: Getty) Though of course, you could just do all of this at home using Primark’s makeup and nails range – we all know their stuff is pretty great for such a cheap price.

There will also be three (yes, THREE) restaurants, a personal shopping service and free WiFi all throughout the shop, which will be the biggest Primark in the world when it opens on 11 April. (Picture: Getty) The gigantic fashion house has taken two-and-a-half years to create, with the site’s Pavilions shopping centre closing on 20 May 2016.


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